The Team 

Sprockets is a British Cycling Go Ride Club set up and run by volunteers.   The sessions are run by qualified, insured and experienced coaches who all hold DBS certificates and First Aid qualifications.  Club officers and volunteers have also received training from British Cycling.

Sprockets is very proud to have achieved Sport England Clubmark accreditation.

The people you are most likely to see are:

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Lead Coach - Lloyd Watkins.  British Cycling Level 2 Coach, Level 2 MTB Coach, Level 2 Cyclocross Coach, Level 2 Track Coach, Bikeability Instructor, Sports First Aid, Child Protection Trained and Enhanced DBS

Lloyd gave up real work to concentrate on things he enjoys.   Known in many local schools as ‘the Bikeability Bloke’  he now works full time as a Cycle Coach and Instructor.   He likes most forms of cycling but admits to being baffled by BMX.   Lloyd started Sprockets because youth cycling was so oversubscribed locally and what he likes most is to see a student master a new technique and when riders smile through adversity.

Welfare Officer - Ania Waldner. 


 Safeguarding Volunteer, Enhanced DBS and Parent.  Like most of our volunteers, Ania was encouraged to help out whilst watching her Rascal at the Sessions.  


Coach - Rob Brown. British Cycling Level 2 Coach, Level 2 MTB Coach, First Aid, Child Protection Trained and Enhanced DBS.  A keen Mountain Biker with 2 young riders in Sprockets, Rob joined team Sprockets because he believes in the value of coaching and was persuaded to spend his time on the tarmac rather than watching.   

Coach - Megan Watkins    British Cycling Level 2 Coach, First Aid, Child Protection Trained Enhanced DBS.

Megan has coached sports since the age of 16, was a Young Leader at Brownies for 6 years and a Youth Co-ordinator at a local Youth Club. Volunteers are key to a clubs running and Megan brings positivity in order to motivate and look after our Young Volunteers to ensure every week is as successful as the last. In her time at University, Megan was Club Captain of Ladies hockey and is keen to encourage sport for all. She has recently taken up mountain biking which was a surprise to everyone including herself! 


Coach - Andrew Barnes.  British Cycling Level 1 Coach, First Aid, Child Protection and Enhance DBS.   Andrew is another Sprockets Parent who was captured by the club and now runs many of our sessions.  


Coach - Claire Evans.  British Cycling Level 1 Coach, First Aid, Child Protection Trained Enhanced DBS. Sprockets has captured Claire from her Netball team, we succeeded by encouraging her to watch her 2 riders closer up, and she is now their biggest fan on the Cyclocross and wider racing scene.

Treasurer/Membership Secretary - Debbie Watkins     Enhanced DBS 

Debbie’s job in Project Management makes her the ideal candidate to handle the finances and Club administration. While she does own a bike (ladies style with a basket!) she’s not a great cyclist but with a cycling coach husband and a small son who’s aim is to be the next Mark Cavendish she’s had to take an interest! Debbie admits to enjoying the competitive side of cycling and almost understands Pelotons and Slipstreaming. 

Sprockets is run by a keen and hard worked team of volunteers, we are always looking for new volunteers, especially those prepared to become coaches.  We are also actively seeking Young Volunteers, perhaps those looking for a career in teaching or sports leadership, or those undertaking the DofE Awards where we can provide the formal volunteering opportunities necessary for their challenge. We currently have 2 young volunteers participating in the British Cycling Award Scheme, this is open to club members age 14 or over and provides training which leads to both awards and recognition.

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